70V - 100 Watts
HummBuster Technology -

The Q100 is the most powerful 70V PA amplifier to feature Roemtech's HummBuster technology. This allows the installer or end user to simply "switch off" annoying hums or buzzes without affecting audio quality. The switches on the front panel are easily accessible and will effectively filter out hums and ground-loop issues that have traditionally plagued audio systems. Getting rid of audio noise has never been easier.
Phenomenal Power -

Featuring advanced GaNFET technology the Q100 will give you the power you need for large conference rooms and classrooms. When you need high quality audio in a small space, the Q100 is the world leader in its class. In addition, it features advanced thermal management techniques and ultra-efficient circuitry that allow the Q100 to maintain high levels of audio output without the need for a cooling fan.
Auto Limiter -

When we designed the Q100, we wanted to make sure that it could deliver maximum power without overdriving the 70V threshold. So we designed in a high performance auto limiter. This means you can go to high volume levels without worrying about overdriving the amplifier or the speakers. The seemless auto limiter function will ensure that the program audio will be crystal clear even at maximum output.
Specifications -
Power: 100 watts
Frequency Response: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Input 1: Stereo RCA - mixable
Input 2: Stereo 3.5mm - mixable
HummBusters: 2 Inputs
Speaker Outputs: Mono 70V
Power Supply: 24V @ 4.5 Amps - 108 watts
Operating Temperature: -40F - +190F
Weight: .95 lbs (amp only)
Amp Dimensions: 5.85"w x 5.90"d x 1.4"h
Warranty: 5 Year Standard
Plenum Rated
Designed and Manufactured in the USA
Auto Limiter
3 x Q100 70V on a 1 RU shelf*
*Shown using the Middle Atlantic UTR1 1RU universal rack shelf.