About Us

Beginnings -

In 2006, two men were trying to win a bid for over 700 classrooms in N. Texas that required projectors, screens and sound systems.  In looking for a sound system, they realized that there wasn’t much to choose from that made sense. So they designed their own 40 Watt plenum rated mixer/amplifier and won the bid.  Soon after that, Roemtech® LLC was born.  The name comes from ROdriguez/EMlinger TECHnologies.  Soon afterwards, D. Thomas Emlinger bought out Rene Rodriguez’s share of the company becoming the sole owner.

Early on it was evident that one of the biggest reasons for dealer service calls was humming or  noise in the sound system. Typically this background noise was due to bad electrical outlets/grounding or bad sound cards in the computers. But too often it was up to the AV contractor to solve the issue. This was the birth of HummBuster® technology. This made getting rid of audio noise as easy as flipping a switch. On June 26th, 2015, Roemtech was granted a patent on HummBuster® technology, number 9,042,577.  Since then, Roemtech has become the standard solution for school districts across the USA.

Philosophy -

1. Put your customers needs as the top priority along with earnest empathy.

2. Have a solid core set of principles and ethics, then stick to them even if it’s hard.

Mission -

Make the best sounding, most reliable and cost competitive sound systems for classrooms, conference rooms or any other commercial environment that needs a great performing sound system for a reasonable price and make them in the USA.