50 Watt amplifier for classrooom audio systems with 3 inputs
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Classroom Audio systems

Classroom audio systems need unique features that Roemtech understands and delivers. We develop all of our amplifiers specifically with the classroom in mind. Users demand clear, intelligible audio that doesn't sacrifice amplifier quality or durability, all while remaining cost-effective. Roemtech manufactures a wide range of classroom audio systems to fit your needs and budget. From basic systems for tight budgets to top-of-the-line models for the finest audio quality, Roemtech has the perfect classroom audio solution for you. Made in the USA.

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Plenum Rated amplifiers

Plenum rated amplifiers are the ideal solution for installing sound systems in small spaces. This rating allows for discreet installation above the ceiling, this minimizes tampering and theft while keeping connections and cables protected and accessible. Most of our Roemtech amplifiers, excluding the DMA-355H, are plenum-rated and built with extra-durable components to withstand very high-temperature environments. Roemtech sets the standard for reliable and ultra-durable plenum-rated amplifiers at a competitive price! Made in the USA.

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conference room audio Systems

Impress your audience and ensure your message is crystal clear with Roemtech's cutting edge conference room  audio systems. We understand the demanding needs of conference rooms and deliver rich, crisp sound for maximum impact. Whether you're holding a video conference, using a projector,  or leading a presentation with a microphone. American made, Roemtech's conference room audio systems give you compact, powerful audio reinforcement, ensuring everyone hears every word. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your space!

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When it comes to features and performance in a mini amplifier, the PMA-350H+ is at the top of its class.

  • Plenum rated
  • Patented Auto HummBuster noise eliminator
  • Three mixable audio inputs
  • 50 Watts of efficient class D power
  • PA auto-muting and passthrough
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty

Small amps
for every application

Whether you have a classroom, conference room or office that needs better audio, Roemtech has a solution for you.

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45 Watt, 2 input amplifier for classroom audio systems
45 Watts, 2 Inputs, HummBuster Technology
Roemtech DMA-355H Digital Optical Audio Amplifier for Classrooms and Conference Rooms
55 Watts, 3 Inputs, Optical, Line, Mic, IR programable
Roemtech Q55 70V Mixer Classroom Audio Amplifier
Q55 70V
55 Watts, 70V, 2 Inputs, HummBuster Technology
Speaker for classroom audio systems
5.25" Composite Woofer
1.0" Titanium Domed Tweeter


Amazing sound

The SP-250 series of speakers are designed to maximize speech intelligibility while at the same time deliver accurate, full spectrum audio. They are perfectly matched to work with all of Roemtech's amplifiers.
They are a great fit for any classroom, conference room, restaurant or other small to medium sized venue.

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Volume control


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Ground-loop HummBuster for classroom audio systemsLearn More