4-16 Ohm - 50 Watts
50 Watt mixer-amplifier for classroom audio systems
Patented Auto HummBuster -

The PMA-350H+ features Roemtech's Auto HummBuster technology (patent 9,042,577) on all three inputs. This allows any installer or end user to simply push a button to "switch off" annoying hums or buzzes without affecting audio quality. This feature can literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in service  calls and trouble-shooting fees over the life of the install. Noise issues don't have a chance.
Auto PA Override / Pass-Through -

The new auto PA override with pass-through utilizes Roemtech's proprietary self-adjusting circuitry so that you can connect PA systems that range anywhere from 25V to 100V without having to adjust any dip switches. A simple two conductor jumper is all you need to wire the PMA-350H+ into the PA system. When a signal is detected, the amplifier automatically goes into an override/pass-through condition until the signal is gone. Two seconds later, the amplifier continues to play the local audio. Now no alerts or announcements will be missed.
Green Sleep Mode -

The PMA-350H+ has a very effective power reduction mode. When the amplifier has not been used for 20 minutes, it will go into a "sleep" condition that reduces the power consumption to less that 0.9 watts of power. After an audio signal is detected, the amplifier wakes up in less than 500 milliseconds. This results in big power savings over the life of the equipment.
Specifications -
Power: 50 watts @ 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Input 1: Stereo RCA - mixable
Input 2: Stereo 3.5mm - mixable
Input 3: Stereo 3.5mm - mixable
Speaker Outputs: Stereo or Mono Bridgeable
Power Supply: 24V @ 3 Amps - 72 watts
Operating Temperature: -40F - +190F
Weight: 1.35 lbs (amp only)
Amp Dimensions: 6.47"w x 4.25"d x 1.65"h
Warranty: 3 Year Standard
Green Sleep Mode
P/A Overide & Pass-Through
Optional External Volume Control
Auto HummBuster: 3 Inputs
Plenum Rated
Designed and Manufactured in the USA
3 x PMA-350H+ on a 1 RU shelf*
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*Shown using the Middle Atlantic UTR1 1RU universal rack shelf.