Choosing the Best Classroom Audio System: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's fast-paced and distraction inducing world, it is crucialto have a well-functioning audio system in a classroom. From lecturesand presentations to group discussions and audio-visual aids, a goodaudio system can enhance the overall learning experience and create amore engaging atmosphere for students.

When it comesto selecting a classroom audio system, there are numerous optionsavailable in the market, each with its own set of features,capabilities and costs. Choosing the best audio system can be adaunting task, especially for educators and administrators who arenot audiophiles.

In thisarticle, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide on how to choose thebest classroom audio system for your educational institution. We willdelve into the key factors that you need to consider, the differenttypes of systems available, and provide some helpful tips for asmooth installation process.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Classroom Audio System

Before you start shopping around for a classroom audio system, it isimportant to consider the following key factors:

Room Size and Layout: The size of the room and its layout are critical factors when choosing an audio system. A large room with high ceilings will require a different type of audio system than a small, more intimate space.

  1. Number of Users: The number of users who will be utilizing the audio system is also an important factor to consider. For example, a system designed for a small classroom will not be suitable for a large lecture hall with hundreds of students.
  2. Purpose of Use: The purpose of using the audio system is also a crucial factor. Do you plan to use the system for multimedia presentations or lectures or music class?  You will need a system that has different features and options.
  3. Budget: The budget is an important factor to consider when choosing a classroom audio system. There are a range of systems available at different price points, so it is important to determine what your budget is before making a decision.

Types of Classroom Audio Systems

There are two main types of classroom audio systems: Eight Ohm and 70 Volt.

  1. Eight Ohm Systems: Eight Ohm systems are typically a little less expensive because the technology to make them is easier to manufacture. These systems are typically better for smaller rooms than would be the case for 70V systems but there are exceptions.
  2. 70 Volt Systems: 70V systems use a higher voltage to send the audio signal to the speakers. These systems are typically better suited for larger rooms as it’s easier and quicker to run speaker wire to multiple speakers.  However, if you are replacing and old audio system, then you may already have 70V speakers that can be reused and may require a 70V amplifier.

Tips for a Successful Installation

Here are some tips for a successful installation of your classroomaudio system:

  1. Hire a Professional: I know, it will cost more but when installing a classroom audio system, the last thing you want is teachers complaining about audio issues.  Professional installers will ensure that the system is properly installed, grounded and configured, and that you get the best possible performance from your investment.
  2. Test the System: After the system is installed, it is important to test it thoroughly to ensure that everything is working properly. This includes testing the volume, clarity, and overall functionality of the system.  A thorough walk-through a test should be done before signing off on each room.
  3. Plan for Future Upgrades: Technology is always advancing, and it is important to plan for future upgrades to your classroom audio system. Consider the future needs of your institution and choose a system that can accommodate these needs.


In conclusion, choosing the best classroom audio system requirescareful consideration of various key factors, including room size,layout, cost, speaker compatibility, number of inputs and more. Ourmost popular amplifier has been the PMA-350H+.  One of the reasonsfor this is that it has many features that are desirable for aclassroom audio system.  Things like PA override and pass-through,external volume control, additional inputs plus much more.  If youhave any questions on how put together the best system, feel free tosend us a message through our Contact Us page.